Manage Cronjobs In Laravel

Laravel provides a feature to run specific jobs through only one cron on the server.  It automatically manages all the jobs through the artisan command you don’t need to set multiple jobs on the server to execute in the specific time and specific interval. We can manage a task on the server that executes scripts which helps in sending daily/weekly […]

How To Remove The WordPress Version Number

By default WordPress, the version number is enabled and show in the code of WordPress site installation. Generally, there is no need to remove the version number. Maybe someone doesn’t want to reveal the version number of the WP site. It is generally needed when you don’t update WordPress when the update available. Using the below code version number from […]

WordPress Asking For FTP Credentials When Installing Plugins Or Themes

Most web hosting is configured to automate installing themes or plugins. On some hosting WordPress ask for FTP details either to update or install a theme or Plugin. To fix this issue we can enter our FTP credentials in the wp-config.php file so that we don’t have to enter it every time we update a plugin. It also helps in […]