Laravel Swagger Authenticate Users Via Bearer Token

Previously, I have made one article on “How to use DarkaOnLine/L5-Swagger in Laravel” but I have not covered how to authenticate users via bearer token so I thought I have to make another article. So in this article, I am going to show you how to authentication users via a bearer token in Laravel Swagger. For the API authorization, I […]

How To Use Darkaonline/l5-Swagger In Laravel

Swagger is a wonderful tool to generate API documentation. So today I am going to show you, how to use Swagger in your Laravel application. We will use DarkaOnLine/L5-Swagger package in Laravel 6. I am not going to cover Laravel setup in this article so I am assuming that you have up & running Laravel application with some users data. […]

Laravel Passport Create Api For Your Application

In the previous article Laravel api integration & configuration, we have successfully set up a Passport package in a fresh Laravel application. Now in this article, we are going to create API using the passport and we will protect all API routes and can be accessed If the user passes bearer token in each API request, otherwise the user can’t […]

Laravel Api Integration & Configuration

Recently I have worked on two Laravel mobile applications in my freelancing work and both are having android applications. So for the API authentication, I have used the Laravel Passport package. It’s very easy to authenticate each and every API using bearer token so I thought I have to create a new article on Laravel API integration & configuration which […]

Maintenance Mode For Laravel Application

Today I am going to show you one artisan command which is a very helpful command. Well, I am talking about the Artisan::call(‘up’) or Artisan::call(‘down’) command. Using this command you can build your own maintenance mode functionality. This command will help you when something went wrong to your site and you need to shut down your site for the little […]

Manage Cronjobs In Laravel

Laravel provides a feature to run specific jobs through only one cron on the server.  It automatically manages all the jobs through the artisan command you don’t need to set multiple jobs on the server to execute in the specific time and specific interval. We can manage a task on the server that executes scripts which helps in sending daily/weekly […]

Change Table Columns With Migration In Laravel 5 Or Above

Recently I have started working on a Laravel project and playing with migration for the first time and realized that managing the database with migration, it very easy to handle. In this tutorial, I will explain how to create the migration and how to change columns type. Let’s create a games table with the migration, so first open your terminal […]