Custom Gutenberg Block In WordPress

Creating your own custom Gutenberg block in your WordPress theme is so super easy and with Gutenberg, you can speed up your theme development by separating HTML into a piece of blocks. To make content dynamic you can install the Advanced Custom Fields plugin which gives you the power to create the dynamic fields and easily retrieve its values in […]

Replace Old To New Url In The WordPress Database

If you are new in WordPress development and working on a client project then one thing you have to take note is that whenever you deploy your WordPress project to client-server you have to replace your site URL from local to live and the same thing will apply, If you migrate from one to another domain. If you forgot to […]

How To Remove The WordPress Version Number

By default WordPress, the version number is enabled and show in the code of WordPress site installation. Generally, there is no need to remove the version number. Maybe someone doesn’t want to reveal the version number of the WP site. It is generally needed when you don’t update WordPress when the update available. Using the below code version number from […]

WordPress Asking For FTP Credentials When Installing Plugins Or Themes

Most web hosting is configured to automate installing themes or plugins. On some hosting WordPress ask for FTP details either to update or install a theme or Plugin. To fix this issue we can enter our FTP credentials in the wp-config.php file so that we don’t have to enter it every time we update a plugin. It also helps in […]

WordPress Permalinks Not Working On Ubuntu 14.04

Today I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 for web development and installed fresh WordPress but after clicking on any pages, it takes me to the apache 404 page so how to fix this issue? First, open your terminal and follow these steps: Step 1: Activate the mod_rewrite module sudo a2enmod rewrite Step 2: Restart the apache server sudo service apache2 restart […]

WordPress Custom Post Type Pagination

The last couple of days have been very hectic for me for finding a solution regarding how to write code for multiple meta queries for custom fields, and as I am a great fan of ACF(Advanced Custom Fields) I prefer using ACF because it’s very easy to create fields and display values on front-end side. In my last project, my […]

How To Use wp_mail With WordPress

WordPress has its own email functionality, which calls wp_mail for sending emails. WordPress wp_mail function is allowing you the same functionality as PHP is giving to you so let’s try and use it. Usage: <?php wp_mail( $to, $subject, $message, $headers, $attachments ); ?> $to: (string or array) (required) The intended recipient(s). Multiple recipients may be specified using an array or […]