Postgis Installation In Ubuntu 18.04 Lts “Bionic Beaver”

In my recent work, I have completed one project in Laravel application and it was very similar to the food ordering application like Swiggy/Zomato. For the database, I had used PostgreSQL object-relational and installed PostGIS extension.

PostGIS is open source software program that adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational database.

postgis installation

I heard about the PostgreSQL database but I never used PostGIS extension so it was a new experience for me. When I was developing API for the mobile application, I had to find nearby restaurants, hotels & cinemas based upon user current location(Latitude and Longitude). So I was searching on google for how to store records with latitude & longitude and how to make queries which return records from the database and after doing some research on google, I found that PostGIS extension which helps me in this scenario.

Before we jump to the PostGIS installation part, I am assuming that you have already installed the latest version of PostgreSQL in your system.

Step 1:

Before you can install PostGIS extension, update your list of available packages so the packages from the new repository are added to the list.

sudo apt-get update

Step 2:

Once your sources update, install the PostGIS extension.

sudo apt-get install postgis

Enter Y when prompted to install PostGIS along with its necessary dependencies. Now we can connect to PostgreSQL and integrate PostGIS.

Step 3:

Using the sudo command and switch to the Postgres user:

sudo -i -u postgres

Step 4:

Connect to the PostGISDemo database:

psql -d PostGISDemo

Step 5:

Enable the PostGIS extension on the database:


Step 6:

Ok. Now let’s verify that everything worked correctly. Execute the following command in your terminal screen:

SELECT PostGIS_version();

You’ll get this output:

(1 row)

Step 7:

We’re all set. Type the below command


to exit the SQL session and return to your terminal prompt.

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